Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ultimate Stages                  
Stages that are enhanced.
Stages that are not enhanced.
Ultimate Characters
Characters that play similar to Capcom's Vs series.
Punisher : World Warzone
Mugen full game.
Ultimate Intros/Endings
Storyboards for characters.
Ultimate Screenpacks
UI for Mugen.
Patches that fit World Champions screenpack.
Interactive Mugen
Enhance your Mugen experience.
Mugen Impact
Interviews with the Mugen community.
Mugen Tutorials
Videos to help you manipulate Mugen.

             Mugen Partners In Crime
Mugen creations made by Odb718.

Vagaz Parrelli
Mugen creations & conversions made by Vagaz Parrelli.

Mugen creations by an Old Man.

                                 *Other Games*
Freedom Force 2


                 Site Updates *

Piltdown Storage (Vendetta) stage released. 11/7/2018
Waterfront (Vendetta) stage released. 10/6/2018
Inca (Metamoqester) stage released. 7/11/2018
La Rue Diamuse (Savage Reign) stage released. 7/8/2018
Ryu, Zangief & M. Bison updated.
Ultimate M. Bison Alpha released.
Bay Area stages released (Final Fight).
Poacher Province stage released (Cadillacs & Dino's).
Tsunami Restaurant stage released 1/26/2018. Two new Marvel War of the Gems stages released.
Opera Theater (Fighters History) stage released.